Email Marketing - A Veritable Tool for Your Business

Email Marketing - A Veritable Tool for Your Business

A great way to communicate and engage with your clients is to by using social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. People however, claim that email marketing is no longer effective and relevant due to the power of social media.

Do not listen to them, as these are just misconceptions people have. Email marketing lives on and works as one of the most powerful and effective techniques for online marketing and communicating with your customers.

Definition of email marketing

First of all, you need to know what email marketing is, before moving on to the reasons why it is so useful in business.

When someone visits your website and thinks about subscribing to your email marketing tool mailing list with the goal of keeping in touch with you via email, it is referred to as email marketing. A mailing list such as this is very important if you sell a product or service. Email marketing allows you to gain trust, build customer loyalty, and increase brand awareness, while encouraging subscribers to buy from you more often.

Email marketing has many rewards. Although it is a great marketing tool, it unfortunately seems to get a bad opinion with few companies who do not fully understanding it.

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Some companies see that people immediately think of looking for an email from a stranger and delete it, and they think badly of your company.

This may be true to some extent, mainly because some companies don't take the time to grow their list. However, with responsible marketing, you can make an email marketing campaign work very well for your business.

Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing

As earlier mentioned, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to connect with potential and existing customers. They're perfect platforms for transitioning from word of mouth, building strong connections with your existing audience, and positioning yourself before a new audience.

These tools are essential for your business. The problem is, you cannot control who sees your updates or when they are seen.

Other than this, you cannot fully control these communications as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter keep making changes without recourse to how they might affect the way you communicate with your followers.

Social media sites do not offer you the opportunity to communicate between people individually, as you can communicate via emails. With email marketing, you can optimize your promotional campaigns by creating a list of people who show a real interest in what you offer.

With Twitter, for instance, your message competes with hundreds or even thousands of other tweets from firms promoting products or services similar to yours. The same goes for Facebook.

Even if you have a large number of fans, be sure that they are also following other pages follow as well, thus reducing the impact of your post. The same goes for emails, but by sending a personalized email, you can grab their attention because they will open and read your email. Distractions found on social media, including chat options, recent status updates, and new photos, are not present in email marketing.

You will only lose your subscribers on your email list if they choose to unsubscribe from your email list in your email marketing software.